rain, rain, come & play

hello lovelies,
it's officially springtime and i couldn't be more excited - wedding season is right around the corner!
time to pull on my rainboots, jump in a few puddles and then come in for a hot coffee and a good read.
it's a great afternoon.


  1. How ethereal. I wish I had some big event like a graduation or wedding so you could take such lovely photos for me. Come in my suitcase to Europe, maybe?


  2. i would absolutely love that, it's been far too long since i've been across the pond! but in other, more local news, i'll be in winnipeg in july. if you're back, we should shoot something - for fun! (what a concept!!) but if not, i'll catch you on my next visit, there will be many... :)

  3. I cannot wait until you're snapping that shutter at my wedding!
    Are those your fingers? That's pretty polish!

  4. i CANNOT wait for that day either! (p.s. i've been secretly saving things i think you'll like...)

    and i know, right? that colour is lovely, i'll have to ask my friend sam where she picked it up!

  5. I would love to do a shoot when you're home.....and I'm home in July, too!