tim & mel | st. catharines, ON engagement photography

i know i haven't been around much lately, but before i head off to winnipeg tonight, i thought i'd share the mini-engagment session i did a while back with my cousin tim and his blushing bride-to-be, mel.

words fail me when trying to describe the relationship that tim and i have, but i can say that he will always be my favourite X-MAN. our friendship is one that has grown much (and still continues to grow) since the first day we "met" -  he didn't believe we were related?!  we've since perfected a family handshake and this past weekend, i had the pleasure of attending his wedding (to the ever-so-lovely mel) as a guest and it was such a blast. not only was i not stressed out at a wedding for a change, but it was also such a joy to be witness to such a beautiful day for two people that i love very dearly. (more to come from their wedding in the future, i promise. a brunch reception with cupcakes? YES.)



  1. These two are so cute. Nice job, Brit!

  2. ohhhh i SO loooove these!!!! adorable!

  3. i really like what you did with the focussing on the 4th one up from the bottom!