aimee & david | toronto, ON wedding photography

it's been a busy few months (in the best way) and just now am i starting to catch my breath... beautiful weddings, lovely people, trips both east and west, and (finally!) weather warm enough that we can call it summer. whooo-weee! and now, after a day of trying to recuperate - "summer colds" are really no fun at all - i've got some juice for you; the first wedding of my 2011 season, aimee and david.

i knew instantly when i met these two earlier this spring, that a) they were deep in love and b) their wedding day was going to be a breeze. cute smiles and great senses of humour, these two were laid-back and so very at ease with each other in front of my lens. logistically, their day wasn't as easy-breezy as i had previously thought it to be (rain tends to complicate things) but that didn't matter as we all put our brave faces on. mother nature was quite gentle with us and we got some great shots. such sports, they were! amazing! :)

their ceremony was forced into an open-air space at their wonderful venue (the evergreen brick works) but i found it added a little romance to it all... rain pitter-pattering off the clear roof, flooding the guests with a soft natural light... nice, right? after the i do's, it was time to head downtown to cava, for an intimate reception, a homecoming of sorts. (david worked as a chef there before moving on to new york city to pursue his culinary career). the atmosphere was that of a large family gathering, employees and guests alike, all there to celebrate with aimee and david. the menu was outstanding (of course!) and the party was one that i'm sure no one will forget. many (many) laughs were shared, glasses raised (and clinked!), well wishes given and numerous jars of beets enjoyed. (more on that last one later...) 

 pssst... if you can't tell, aimee's dress was drop-dead g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. short and sweet, pleats and lace. it's
really quite handy to have a bridesman that works for none other than diane von furstenburg, no? ;)
a truly unique favour... beets! many a jar was cracked open (with extreme caution, of course) and
brought to the bar where a new spin on the bloody mary was concocted (and enjoyed).

aimee and david, you two were an absolute joy to work with and i wish you nothing but the best as 
you start your new life together. 

p.s. a super huge thanks to my assistant for the day, kristen, you were an absolute champ!! :)
also, this wedding has been now been featured on uschi & kay! :)


  1. This wedding looks like it was so much fun + so unique! Your photos are beautiful, as usual, Brit! You're such a talent.

  2. gorgeous!
    i'm coming over from the gals at Oh So Lovely.
    Fun to see that you're also in Toronto.
    If you'd ever like to meet to talk shop, or are in need of an assistant, drop me a line! (I"m also new here, from Northern Ont)

  3. Hi Mel!
    Thanks so much and I will definitely keep that in mind. :)