i really love what i do... (part two)

...because of the reaction it provokes.

while i was in winnipeg last weekend, i was able to pick up some processing that i'd been waiting for. (with baited breath, no doubt). five packages of prints in hand, i made my way back to my car feeling giddy. roll after roll, the images sprung from the paper and i couldn't believe it - everything had worked and i was proud of every shot. knowing i was having coffee later that afternoon with a friend-turned-client who was pictured in these successful images, i was pumped. but... the true joy came as i watched her flip through them for the first time. the subject of said photos was her bouncing babe, willa, and i could just feel the love she has for her. it's such an amazing feeling to watch someone (even better, this someone was a friend) be moved to tears by something that i have captured - so beautiful! it's experiences like this that make it clear i'm in the right career, it's experiences like this that are why i do what i do.

andrea, you made my day. missing you already! xox

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  1. Brittany. I can't stop thinking about these photos! You are magic, woman. Miss you so much. XO.