oh so lovely

there's so much to say about these two lovely ladies, i hardly know where to begin! when i think "vintage done right," the two faces that always come to mind are none other than my great pals, erin and stefanie. earlier this year, they threw caution to the wind and embarked on a journey, determined to make their dream job a reality. less than a year later, their business, oh so lovely vintage, is positively booming and they couldn't be happier. starting out with a shop of the mobile variety, they traveled with their dear olive (a completely renovated trailer from the 50's) from festival to festival, selling vintage gems and making friends along the way. they've recently moved into a retail space and have been growing even more steadily since. in short, these ladies are on the fast-track to what they set out to achieve and are reaping the benefits of working on cloud nine.

as soon as i knew i'd be travelling back to winnipeg this summer, all three of us decided that we absolutely, positively needed to make a shoot happen. early july came and we found ourselves driving into the great wide open that is the manitoban prairies in search of a sea of canola with olive in tow. after getting situated (and pumped up, thanks to a few party jams) the shoot went off without a hitch. take a peek at the magic below...

this past weekend while i was back in winnipeg, i had the pleasure of spending some "friend time" with these two beauties and it was really great to A) see and hear their reactions to the photos (my cheeks are still flushed) and B) enjoy a sunny evening eating and laughing on a rooftop patio, high above the city.

my dears, i am so very proud of you for going after yours dreams. your drive to make this happen is inspiring and i'm totally jazzed to call you two my friends. so much love! keep doing your thing, you wear it well! p.s. i cannot wait to shoot again... my briefcase is all ready to get on a party-bus, soup-to-go, heels and all! ;)


  1. Awwhh Britt! Thanks for doing such an a-maze-ing post about us! You seriously are the sweetest and the most fun to work with! I especially love how you incorporated my "business woman-on-the-go" dream.. so subtle.. so classy ;) Can't wait til your next visit! Fall, perhaps?
    Love from the prairies xo

  2. Brittney!!! so much fun :) lovely ladies to capture and perfect location! I especially love the ones that showcase the wide open spaces, and the banner is "oh so lovely" thanks for sharing & best of luck to the three of you. xoxo

  3. just realized I spelled your name wrong... and considering my name (and the fact that I answer to pretty much everything) I'm hoping I didn't offend... sorry!

  4. OSL ladies: you are so very welcome! it truly was a blast and i'm so so thankful that we had a chance to do this! :) missing you already! xo

    nelou: not to worry, my dear! thanks so much for your compliments, you're such a sweetheart!

  5. Just a beautiful job on this session Brittany! love it!

  6. wow such beautiful photography :D