while in winnipeg... (v2.0)

...heidi and paul sealed things with a kiss (and a little fun):
...and i rose before the sun in order to shoot this beauty, wearing tony chestnut pre-fall 2011 threads:
another great trip to the 'homeland', come and gone.
can't believe it's over, but now it's time to get to work!
much more to come soon... xox
as always, click for a better look!

in other exciting news... i've booked a vacation!
and not just any vacation...
but a trip to hawaii for two weeks, all revolving around a workshop with the fabulous photography duo, simply bloom. i am beyond thrilled, i really cannot wait for november to get here so i can get back on a plane to one of the most beautiful places in the world. AHHH! :D


  1. baaaahhhhhh!!!! oh man oh man! so so so so pumped to see the rest. also pumped for you that you get to see and work with some of your favourite photographers.... that is so awesome!

  2. Ahhh You're going to a workshop with SIMPLY BLOOM! Whoa. I am SO jealous.