andrea, scott & willa | winnipeg, MB family photography

these three, what a bunch.

andrea had been a "mutual acquaintance" for a while when i was living in winnipeg, but over the course of this past winter/spring/summer, we've become something like great friends. it feels like our bond has had years to grow and i will be forever grateful for her friendship, her words, her advice. she's an incredible woman, both inside and out.

when she asked me if i could take photos of her happy family on my trip to winnipeg, i immediately said yes. a few months later and i was snapping away in scott and andrea's sunroom, a bouncing 6 month old willa on their knees, laughter filling the room. later we moved to the park and the smiles followed us there too. such a beautiful site to see proud parents loving on their little one...

like i said...
these three, what a bunch.