nikaela for tony chestnut | fall 2011

i've long since been a fan of my pal jill's clothing line, tony chestnut. her pieces are not only beautiful, but also so very creative and unique - every season there is something new and fun that has me gaping at my screen with the words "ooo, i need that," on my tongue. she's been on my "to-shoot-with" list for quite some time now and after much scheming this spring and summer, we were able to make it happen. i'm happy to say that all the extra planning and waiting were so worth it. 

there aren't many things i'll rise before the sun for, but i've always wanted to shoot at that magical time of day. when jill agreed to reschedule our shoot and wake the sun with nikaela and i, i was more than excited. the morning came (very quickly, 4AM tends to do that) and we were packed up and headed to lockport, bleary eyed with bananas and vitamin water in hand. with no real specific location in mind, we just drove and drove and then made a pit-stop to discuss a few things and lo and behold, we had landed in the most perfect place: a steep bank of brush, a rocky beach and a lazy river floating by... it seemed to be just waiting for ladies like us to come along, complete with a stump for standing and a chair for sitting. dreams do come true! after a quick change and tousle to nik's locks, we were up and running, just waiting for the sun to show her pretty face over the distant trees. what came next was pure magic...

this morning was one for the books. definitely one of the best in a long, long time. the light was warm, the air quiet. it felt as if we had the world to ourselves, if but only for a few hours. early morning girl talk and giggles were shared. such nice moments as the moon said goodbye and the sun said hello... nice moments were also shared later that morning as we propped our sleepy heads up, elbows on a local diner table laden with coffees and a breakfast feast. perfect ending to a perfect morning. and the day had just begun!

jill and nikaela, this shoot would have been nothing without you both, so thank you, thank you!! 

ms. nik! you babe! even now, looking through these, i can't believe we shot between 5:30 and 7AM. i guess you just wake up beautiful, sleep optional..? working with you to bring together everything from the scenery to the clothing was an absolute snap. you were a natural.

and mme. TC! your lines keep getting even more fabulous as time trucks on. your attention to detail and creativity are top-notch and i definitely see huge things in your future. born to sew, you were! thanks for being a great friend and one hell of a collab-partner. we must craft something together again soon! xox


  1. Amazing photos !! I'm speechless :)

    Much love , Riim

  2. whoa man. Britt - these are so beautiful.

  3. arghhhhhhh!!!!! i think i just jizzed in mah pants!!! can i say that on the interweb? i love tony chestnut sooooo much... good work everyone!