cara & mark | winnipeg, MB engagement photography

now that i'm back from my trip to paradise (more on that in a bit...) it's time to do some catching up! with christmas right around the corner, (WHAT!?) it's been nice to do a little summer-time reminiscing with all the shoots that'll be coming up over the next couple weeks. 

up first are cara and mark, the first shoot from my first winnipeg visit this past july. it was a beautiful, sun-kissed evening when i met up with these two (and their faithful companion, frankie) and we headed out to the country for a little photo-fun in st. norbert. we took a long walk on the train tracks above the river, got an ice-cream cone and then finished things off with climbing a great big tree. it was a great time to get to hang out with cara again and to get to know mark a little better. while shooting we got to explore the venue for their 2012 wedding and i really can't wait! not only is the place gorgeous, but it means another visit to my second home! :)

cara & mark, i truly cannot wait for your big day. 
until then... keep cozy under all that snow! ;)


  1. the first photo of the fam on the stairs in front of the house is PERFECT!

  2. I agree with Tiffany! That is also my immediate favourite. Although, there are so many other great ones. I love the tree, as well. Beautiful job, Britt! And welcome home!