tim & mel | st. catharines, ON wedding photography

it's been years since cousin tim and i spent an entire evening lying on the camp office floor, head-to-shoulder, contemplating life... only to give up and head up the hill to forget about our problems. (him at the piano, me with my nose in a book. ying, yang.) that summer on crossroads staff was one i won't forget as it was the one where our bond was forged. (and a family handshake, introduced.) in the years to follow "tim-tim-taroo" became one of my closest friends, sharing a love for music, sweet things and above all, conversation. to say that i was happy when i found out that tim would be getting married (to an absolute gem of a lady, btw), would be a large understatement... i was ecstatic. and to find out they were having a brunch reception... well, i may have fallen off my chair. these two did it right. they presented a spread that blew our breakfast-hungry brains (even featuring gluten-free muffins! what?!), made me cry at all the perfect times, laugh at all the other times (tim's brother mark... surprise! he rapped [and rapped well] his best-man speech... whut?!) and most importantly, demonstrated love at it's best.

what. a. pair.

love you both! to the moon! (and back! obviously!)

 and p.s. that's yours truly on the left (with my bestest girl) wearing the most 
beautiful dress, handmade by my lovely pal jill @ tony chestnut

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  1. omg this is all so darling and those dresses are totally beautiful like you said! so wonderful!

    xoxo katlin