hawaii | november 2011

i feel awful that it's taken me so long to share this trip with you... besides being busy there were a few factors* getting in the way, but with my most recent trip to winnipeg, i felt that extra urge to get these in your faces. so... voila!

going back over six months to remember all the times i had on this trip is quite the feat, so believe me when i say that these travels were some that not only grew me as a photographer (more on the workshop to come soon), but also as a person. travelling alone is sometimes refreshing, but also sometimes depressing and i experienced both while away. on the whole, this sunny state was good to me and (thankfully) i spent the majority of my time on the refreshing side of solo-travel. beach hair, salty skin and sandy feet... sunrises, sunsets and zero schedule... island coffee, a car along the coast and a never-ending supply of film...  the freshest seafood, the juiciest fruit and the colours... my goodness, the colours. my heart was filled while my head spun. what a glorious mix, what a glorious time.

...take me back to paradise?

* the biggest reason that these were put on the back-burner was because i was frustrated with some of my 35mm prints. a few days before i left, i was film shopping and i was convinced to do something that one should never do: try something new/for the first time when it really matters. while in the lomo store, i decided to go with the salesguy's favourite type of film, a tweak on the original lomo redscale. i've used the original film before and knowing the results, i quickly shot him down, expressing that i was going to hawaii and colour and tonal range mattered. i was assured that as long as this new film was rated at 50ISO, everything would be fine and the results would be as they were on the box (a more natural looking cross-process-ish feel) and i was won over. with the rolls rated properly, i shot my way through all three rolls of 36, only to be severely disappointed upon picking them up. red, red, red, orange, red, yellow, red, red, ruined. tears flowed for a bunch of days and i even made a grumpy trip back to the store, shoving my sad little prints in salesguy's face. he was stunned, apologetic and almost as sad as i was. (free film? don't mind if i do...) i tried to bring a little life back into those three rolls, but they still stick out like sore thumbs and because of that, i was hesitant to share... it's my own fault and i'm still kicking myself, but i have definitely learned my lesson. as should you. GO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW. 


  1. Despite that trouble with the film these are all lovely! I think I am a wee bit obsessed with Hawaii and can not wait to go. Although I have strong fear that I will not want to leave...ever! Any can't miss places we should visit? I think our plan is to stay on Oahu. Thank you for sharing!

  2. These photos are amazing and the red tones give a vibe that only does MORE justice to the tropical location... you are very talented! Thank you for sharing these great images with the world!

  3. Light leaks never looked so good. Holy cow, what a visual overload of awesome this post was. I'm particularly in love with the landscape shots here: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CzUKLPQVHss/T-imSdQDsUI/AAAAAAAAJOE/uo5WtnKhjXI/s1600/Hi_2011_FiLM022.jpg - just gorgeous!
    And this shot is fantastic too: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Xdvygv45EoI/T-im9snFSdI/AAAAAAAAJQU/SICUgH16n_g/s1600/Hi_2011_FiLM040.jpg

    As for the redscale - yup, they stick out, but definitely not in a 'bad' way. Before reading your disclaimer, i thought the shot of the ice cream and the beetle were glorious! Red tones and all. AND the coffee cup on the sandy beach - so awesome. I'm assuming those are some of the ones you were referring to. So ya, they may have been unexpected, but I think they're totally holding their own in there with the rest of your shots. :)

    Overall, I never had any desire to visit Hawaii, but now having seen your photos, i'm already feeling like I should start planning a trip. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Brittany, these are A-MAZING!! I can see how it would have been frustrating to see one red after another, but honestly, these pictures are just gorgeous. every.last.one.of.them! youve got some trickass photography skills, woman! I'm so glad you finally posted these :)