ward's island, june 2012

can i just take a quick little minute here and say a few tiny things about my favourite app... the one and only instagram?

there are a million and one wonderful things that i could ramble on about, but for now i'm gonna go with the thoughts that have struck me pretty hard the last few days... at a time when i needed it most, my journey into a new world of social media started and i was met with one of the most genuine communities i have ever experienced online. snapping photos and learning the in's and out's of editing with the camera in my pocket could not have been more fun as i journeyed alongside so many other passionate and creative people. since my first photo (just over a year ago now) i've posted over 700 'grams, accumulated over 5000 of the loveliest followers (whattt?!?), discovered countless amazing artists, been endlessly impressed and inspired, become teary (more times that i'd like to admit...) at the sight of some very powerful images and laughed my head right off at some pretty hilarious commentary. but most importantly, it's the people that make it what it is and connecting through a space like instagram is something that not only makes sense to me, but excites me to no end. i feel so lucky to be able to say that because of it, i've met a bunch of really great people and made some absolutely incredible friends. people who share my passion for photography and art, people who see beauty in the every day, people that inspire and encourage me. we've adventured and photo'd together, we've pen-pal'd, eaten cake, drank coffee, done brunch, met cats, helped each other move, been quasi-related (!!!), shot in hawaii, enjoyed live music and each others' company. in short... shared life! pretty neat, right?

for all of this and so much more, i'm so very thankful that this kind of place exists and that i get to be a part of it. :)

(all together now: "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww...")

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