freshair boutique, v2.0

on a not-so-sunny day in winnipeg a few months back, i had the opportunity to shoot - and more importantly, catch-up and laugh - with my friends, the ladies of freshair boutique. (you may remember the boho-inspired shoot from last summer...?) luckily, the rain stayed away long enough for these lovelies to enjoy a bike ride and a most plentiful picnic, all with me snapping away... and munching on a few grapes here and there, of course.

i've said it before and i'll say it again: these women are some of the prairies' best. looking for a haircut? a manicure? what about eco haircare? locally-made jewellery and accessories? or maybe even just a warm and friendly place to drop in for a smile? these gals will fix you up and take care of you real nice. it's what they do, it's who they are. :)

freshair boutique

ps: hi! shooting from a car is super fun, you guys.


  1. whoa! those close ups of the individual ladies are NUTS! so good, brittany.

  2. Awesome! Very pretty ladies, indeed!