phil & colleen | alton, ON wedding photography

phil & colleen have got to be two of the world's sweetest. their wedding was the second of two that i did in one weekend... across two provinces. shooting the first in winnipeg (that one to come soon) and then hopping a flight at 5AM to make it back to ontario to shoot these two beauties... well, let's just say there was little sleep involved. but i did it, hugely in part because phil and colleen made my job so easy. (and also because they kept cheering me on. see? sweetest.) their love is evident in the way they looked at each other, how they could laugh off the rain and the easy grace with which she would fall into his arms... 

so much fun that i'd fly in the wee hours just to do it all again. :)


  1. Easy grace indeed. This is some of your best wedding work yet woman. Well done. Graceful, elegant and simple. I hope this couple took that umbrella shot against the foggy foliage and blew it up HUGE.

  2. I really enjoyed looking at these fabulous photos. I love the way you captured them. These are so extraordinary shots. Excellent job!

  3. Jealous, that seems like it was an awesome gig! What lenses did you use for the first shot, the earring scene, and the umbrella picture?