cara & mark | winnipeg, MB wedding photography

capturing a friend's wedding is always a special treat and cara and mark's big day was no exception. (especially because shooting with these two meant being able to venture back to winnipeg!) the weather on this lovely august day couldn't have been more perfect for exploring the woods of the st. norbert art centre, sitting in the long grass, finding long-lost fun-dips and telling jokes. top it off with a sunset ceremony and one hell of a party with so many pals (under yards and yards of the prettiest bride-made garland i've ever seen) and you could say this wedding was pretty much all aces - even uncle brian thought so!

cara and mark, i love you and there are no words to describe the joy i felt for you two as you made your lifetime promises of love. this day will always be in my memory, the reception being the most comical in all of life. "so a duck walks into a pharmacy..........." ;)


ps: keeks & RL are fine photobooth companions.

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