avery & kyle | toronto, ON engagement photography

last night i got to celebrate my soon-to-be-married best friend, avery, with all the things she loves - good friends, good food, good wine and good dancing. (a few pretty things too... ;) kyle, you're a lucky man!) the salsa was learned, laughs were had and let me tell you, we had fun. there are many (many) wonderful things that i could say about this incredible (and incredibly beautiful) woman, but i think i'll save those for my maid-of-honour speech when she marries her dream man at the end of the month! instead, i'll leave you with these gems i captured when we got together in the fall to shoot their engagement... aren't these two just perfect?

i cannot wait to stand beside you on the best day of your life!


  1. Awwww your little caption is so sweet!!! Thanks Brit! I love you!!!!!

  2. gorgeous post, brittany! you have such talent. i am glad the evening was a success. xx