cayo coco, cuba | march 2013

earlier this year i had the chance to travel to cuba for a week with my family. with this being my first trip to cuba (and my first all-inclusive, also), i was excited. a week away in the sunshine after a long winter of snow and editing, editing and snow... what could be better? i read by the pool and had drinks on the beach. there were naps in the sun, coffee in the breeze, photos by the ocean... it was just what i needed and then some. there's something about sand on my toes and salt in my curls... it gets me every. single. time.

take me back... 
(but if you can believe it... the homecoming was almost as nice.)


  1. Amazing! I hope Costa Rica is this gorgeous!

  2. Love the tones in the 35mm photos! Do you mind if i ask what film you used? Great shots :)