new york city | april 2013

it feels like so long ago already, but just a few short weeks ago, i had quite the whirlwind of a weekend in pursuit of more fun times in new york. i never really need a reason to get myself down to this city of dreams, but there was purpose in this trip and you'll probably be able to tell what (at least part of it) was from my smiling face below. ;)

it was a short one, (my time in the city almost equalled the sum of the bus trips to and fro) but most definitely worth it. filled with all the good things - girltime and coffee, music and kisses, exploring and breakfast, chocolate and puppies, photos and photos and photos... friends, fancy hotel rooftops and even fancier sunsets - it made me <3 NY just a little bit harder.

thanks to chris, pictured below, for capturing me with my scarf. (he was pretty pumped.)

until next time...


  1. New York blossoms as do you Miss B. Looking fresh as your latest photo crop. Glad to have a looksee into your adventurous, ramblin days. Keep going, it's beautiful!

    Love M

  2. There are some photos are really fantastic specially last image is my favorite !!