avery & kyle | toronto, ON wedding photography

avery & kyle's day is one that i will always remember, not only because she's my best friend and i got to stand beside her as her maid of honour, but also because the details of her day were so very her and came together so well. the day was filled to the brim with all the best things, and in between all the dress fluffing, the dancing, the "i do's", the cupcakes and crying all the happy tears in the world (so many were shed over the course of this incredible day) i was able to grab a few frames and capture things from my point of view - i just couldn't help myself! enjoy these first few images, but just you wait til the rest of their photos from our pal, brian st. denis, go up so very soon... :)



  1. Gorgeous Brit! Just gorgeous!

  2. The color is stunning! These are so sweet!