bloom theory giveaway!

hello lovelies, i've got something super exciting to share with you today!

a couple months ago the wonderful gals over at simply bloom photography contacted me about doing a little giveaway for their line of camera straps, bloom theory, and of course, i totally jumped at the chance. i mean, just take a look at the site - fabulous, right?! after quite the trip, my 'petite chérie' strap made it into my hot little hands and i absolutely had to shoot a few pretty photos with my beautiful ladyfriend lynlea to show it off...

if you love this strap as much as i do, it's your lucky day. one happy winner will take home one just like it, 
all you need to do is visit me on instagram to find out how! xox

ps: remember that time i went to hawaii and did a workshop with these same sweethearts?!
ahhhh... what i wouldn't give to go back and relive that dreaminess... :)

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