carmyn | toronto, ON portrait photography

today i wanted to share a few portraits i shot on a walk to grab coffee with my beautiful friend, carmyn. not only is she quite the beauty, she's also an incredibly talented photographer and writer, too. (can you say triple-threat?!) she and i met just over a year ago, prior to that we had been forging a long-distance friendship over instagram, skype and the postal service that was full of laughs, letters and moments in which we both exclaimed "parallel lives!" through it all, i've gotten to know a wonderful human with the hugest heart and i was so thrilled when she was going to be coming back to toronto for another visit. but not just any visit... no, this was because she'd been contacted by mtv (!!!) to be part of an instagram project together with sony. such an amazing opportunity and a pretty neat experience, i'm insanely proud to call this lady a friend. below you'll find the video (you may even spot yours truly, too... ;D) and you can visit mtv.ca/instamissions for more info on the contest. but you better hurry, it closes this sunday!

you, miss @carmynjoy, are definitely one of my #mtvfavethings

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