cherry blossoms | high park, toronto, ON

it's no secret, i positively love shooting film. lucky for me, one of the many perks of having a "day job" at the lomography store here in toronto is that i get to take the cameras out for a spin to see how they tick. earlier this spring, armed with a sprocket rocket, a la sardina and a picnic, rachelle, carmyn and i ventured to high park to take in one of the most beautiful times of the year - cherry blossom season. if you've not experienced a park like this with explosions of cotton candy fluff and trees just dripping these pretty blooms, i encourage you to get out there next spring, it's absolutely magical. for now though, bask in the dreamy goodness that only a lomo plastic lens can capture...



  1. agh... so gorgeous. the colour from the la sardina is magical. i may have to come by the store to pick one up :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! Especially the last one. Blossom is just the best.