janene & neil | halifax, NS wedding photography

it already feels like so long ago, but just a couple weeks back, i had the chance to travel east (for the first time!) and attend a beautiful wedding on the coast. so many more photos to come from this trip, but first i thought i'd share the few 35mm shots i snapped of the wonderfully adorable nuptials of janene & neil. set in their own backyard, these two said their "i do's" surrounded by family and friends and stole a few kisses on their dock at sunset. pret-ty romantic. we had quite the time cutting a rug (on the grass) and spent the night enjoying the stars, eating midnight hotdogs and laughing til our guts hurt.... the way it should be, right? :)

myles brought the fireworks...
(and his dad brought all the best moves.)
congratulations, again, you two!


  1. Lady, this collection is gorgeous. An east coast wedding in that light of day? Dreamy. That shot of you and your man is freaking beautiful. Good work.

    1. Thanks Meg! You always know what to say to make me smile, your words, always so kind. Missed you this trip to the Peg, but I heard of your upcoming adventure from Ernie - AMAZING. xox