halifax, NS | august 2013

now that i'm back from my second of three adventures (winnipeg, bless your heart), i get to share another bunch of photos from the first - halifax, nova scotia.

like i already mentioned in my previous post (janene & neil's lovely backyard bliss...), this was my first time exploring the east coast and it's beauty definitely secured itself a second visit. (a third, a fourth... fifth...) we spent time downtown sipping coffees in a cafe and gin at the myles deck & the fuzz reunion show... there were long (ish) walks on a beach and a pretty peach sunset... a cabin on a hill and a night with a parrot... family times and our times... seafood chowder, seafood chowder, seafood chowder... myles being quite the tour guide, made sure we saw a few things and ate a few more, but sadly we didn't get to partake in allllllllllllllll the things. but i guess that's okay, there's still some magic and mystery left for next time?

...is it time to go back yet??


  1. You honestly kick butt at life. Stay stellar. I throughly enjoy being one of your most consistent stalkers.

    1. Hi Whitney! Thanks so much, you're wonderful. :)