katelyn & luke | caledonia, ON wedding photography

 these two... *sigh*

katelyn and i met in her first year of university and over the years together that followed, i got to know the wonderful soul behind that beautiful smile. at first, she seemed quiet and shy, but almost immediately i was shocked as she flew into action (and argument) at the feisty murder mystery dinner party that brought us together. she has this spark in her you can't help but love, intelligence you can't ignore and a sense of humour that constantly had me in stitches. she's also the one that hooked me on march madness basketball and you could find us trading our lectures for hoops and icing bunches of orange championship game cupcakes in the years we lived together.

when the news of katelyn and luke's first date hit my ears, there was so much joy, and also a little bit of "knew it!" as luke had been a part of our group almost since the GWA's inception. tall, dark and handsome, he completely swept my lovely katie-girl off her feet and the two were soon engaged. i was so happy to be able to be a guest at their wedding, being able to be there with them (and all our friends) as their dreams came true... <3

love you two, can't wait to see you again real soon.


  1. ahh these are all so wonderful Brit! Great job!!!

  2. Another beauty wedding! Well done. The color shot of the four bridesmaids at magic hour is MONEY. Gold star for you.