jenna & mike | winnipeg, MB engagement photography

i met jenna within the first few months of living in winnipeg. one fateful canada day, we were at the same dance party at the same time and the rest was history. from there, there were many coffees and dates and coffee dates and of course, our conversation revolved around what most young females love to talk about... boys.

when jenna first started dating mike, there was a certain sparkle in her eyes, and i knew that she was for real when she told me she thought he was the one. (she also told me that when the day came, i would have to be the one to capture it all - hooray!) fast-forward a few years and one engagement ring later... and here they are, as adorable as ever. annnnd... i cannot wait to get back to winnipeg next summer , camera in hand, for when they finally seal the deal. so happy for you, girl!! :)

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