adventure always | long beach, CA | october 2013

just over a month ago, i had the absolute pleasure of heading west for a few days to speak at the adventure always conference in long beach, california. now... if you know me, one of my most loathsome things to do is speak in front of large groups of people, but a few contributing factors made it a little easier...

1) one of my bestest pals, carmyn,  was also going to be there, sharing in my nerves.
2) the conference was to be held on the queen mary - a docked cruise-ship from the 30's turned hotel.
3) the whole purpose of the three day event was for creatives to come together and adventure, test our old lines drawn in the sand and take risks for what's next. these are things i can get behind, and i knew it was time to push myself. (also, jesh and his whole staff were beyond encouraging. even when they decided it'd be a good idea for me to speak from the stage... o.O)

the conference, and trip as a whole, were wonderful, something i really needed after a really busy season of work. carmyn and i definitely adventured (getting up to shoot around a ship at sunrise is an adventure in itself...) and i definitely grew, both as an artist, but also as a person, as a result of doing the one thing that always scared me silly. the response was overwhelming and i'm so glad i got over the nauseousness and just did it. and hey, if i let my crazy thoughts and weak stomach get the best of me, i wouldn't have been able to take this trip and meet some really special new friends from across the globe, as well as some "old" friends... people that i had come to know and love from the world of instagram. i mean... spending a night killing giant spiders on the island of spice and another sharing laughs over plates of gluten-free cruise-ship fare just don't come around often. :)

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