oh so lovely | september 2013

it's been a while since i've gotten to shoot with my friends erin & stef (the two masterminds behind oh so lovely vintage & rhymes with orange) but the wait was definitely worth it. these two beauties always have something amazing up their sleeves - you may remember the shoot i did with them in the middle of a canola field - so i knew this time would be no different.

we set out in the sweltering heat, (in september. in winnipeg. i know) record player in hand, with the seventies on our minds and the results were the dreamiest... with fantastic eyes for detail as well as a retro vibe, these two are on the top of their game, both online and in their store. it's such a privilege to work with such talented women, and such a blessing to be able to call them friends. (i can just feel my mother-hen chest puffing with pride right now... i love you guys, i really do!)

more from this shoot to come in the spring... 
stay warm!

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