bobbi & dave | winnipeg, MB wedding photography

i know it's been quite some time since i've blogged a wedding, but it was a busy season and with the new year now come and gone, i finally found some time to sit down and put this one together. bobbi and dave... what a couple! having known bobbi for a few years now, i knew that her day would be nothing short of a vintage masterpiece and boy, was i right. her elegant lace dress, the handmade alter (built and decorated by her loving husband, dave) and even the venue to house their special day (an old fire hall, converted to antique goldmine) fit the bill perfectly. and to make things even more special? the lovebirds' children even got to share in the day, each standing up for their mom and dad as their maid of honour and best men. there were lots of tears and many a laugh as their lives were recounted in some wonderful speeches and after a tasty vegan supper, many moves on the dance floor...

are they a photogenic family, or WHAT?

bobbi and dave, it was such an honour to be a part of your day, 
i couldn't think of a better reason to come back and visit. :)


  1. My goodness.... I have the cutest kids ever!! xoxo

  2. Your blog is so lovely, it's my little escape. Thanks for sharing

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