purple haze

the day is finally here and i really can't believe it... i'm off to europe for a whirlwind of a vacation - 11 countries, 25 days. whoa. who knew turning 30 would be such an event?! i certainly didn't, but i'm feeling pretty lucky to be able to take the opportunity to traipse that fine continent with my guy and cauldron while they're on tour. i'm almost packed and really all that's left to do is craft the perfect playlist and try and squeeze as much film as i can into my minimal baggage... wish me luck?

for now though, i'm leaving you with a set of photos that have been a little bit of an experiment for me, one that i hope to continue while away. last spring, lomography released a brand new film that had me g-i-d-d-y - lomochrome purple. what could be more dreamy that turning green to purple, yellow to pink and skewing everything in between? absolute magic. here are the first fruits...

excuse me while i kiss the sky...

have a great month, beauties!

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