#bkhineurope, week #2

and i said, 'what about breakfast with bri-tta-ny...?'

after celebrating my 30th birthday in barcelona, amongst a club full of crazy/awesome spaniards and with a venom dedication from the sweaty, wild-haired man of my dreams, we made our way through marseille... and lived! (to tell quite a tale!) then on to turin, switzerland and then brescia for the play it loud festival where there was a parking lot that rivalled (if not bested?) even the heaviest of metal parking lots. after countless roman candles and broken beer bottles, one smashed t.v. and tons of excited italians, we had a quick nap and took an early morning train-for-two through the alps to find ourselves in innsbruck for an afternoon. from there, the rest of week two gave us a night away in a swanky prague airbnb and lots of little bits of germany - freiberg, berlin and for me, a reunion that was ten years in the making in düsseldorf.

is it strange that looking at these now makes it all feel like a million years ago... already?

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