#bkhineurope, week #3

week three snuck up so quickly -- it was there before i knew it and went just as fast. determined to enjoy those last few days together we did all that we could... sleeping on a tiny boat on a swedish river and a slow breakfast in it's cozy mess hall, holding hands and strolling through skogskyrkog√•rden, getting up to no good in denmark and eventually, having to say goodbye in its beautiful streets. 

but (!) it's not like i could complain, i thoroughly enjoyed my alone-time in copenhagen as well. gardens, cemeteries and a museum... it was all such a good chance for me to start to relax and come down off the travel-high i had been riding until then... it wasn't time for real-life just yet, but almost! quiet nights and meaningful conversation, tea and photos... the best pea soup i've ever had... and most importantly, new friendship. instagram has always been such an incredible source for wonderful new friends and i finally got to meet another lovely soul, @halfgirl, who i felt like i had known for ages. she welcomed me into her home and saw to it that i had the greatest stay. thank you for all you did, young, i couldn't have spent my last days any better. a true gem, you are!

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